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Windows 10 Activator KMSpico

Windows 10 Activator KMSpico

Windows 10 Loader by KMSpico v10.1.7 Final

Welcome to our new site! Recently we were taken down by MS but we are back and give you our best Windows 10 Activator KMS! As you know windows 10 activation is similar to windows 8 you can use this loader for both versions! Microsoft decided to give some “free” versions but they will expire is some time so where are we coming and giving you this tool. It works fine with all motherboards and bios like uefi so you won’t have any problem activating windows 10. Also this loader supports automatic updates so you will be safe in the future too. UPDATED TO v10.1.7 Final! Portable + Install versions added.

We  will be updating this website constantly but for now we made a simple site to download the loader, hope you enjoy guys our tool and don’t forget to like our pages and channel!

Instructions how to use our Windows 10 Activator

To Download Loader press the button bellow



File Name: KMSpico_setup.exe
Size : 3.06 MB
MD5 : a89c072c83a54cb5aa2c570f3d910a56

SHA1 : 3e14b4d93e9b4951982471624c6515627494feca


If you have any problems with this windows 10 loader you can contact us any time!

Use contact form or contact us on facebook page.

To download windows 7 activator go to our friend website



156 comments on “Windows 10 Activator KMS – Home
  1. fish says:

    thank you so much! it has worked automatically when i downloaded the v10.1.8 version, and i found it fantastic. thank you so much again! one last thing to ask, for how long will it stay activated without interuption? and what about contacting microsoft for updates and other services, will i face a problem or will microsoft deny me the prrvileges?

  2. razor says:

    thanks man activator worked great! i had problem after upgrading from windows 7 that my windows were without serial key somehow..

  3. alaom says:

    its good

  4. windows10 says:

    ok worked on win 10 x64 does it work for all versions?

  5. Beinn Dover Jah says:

    greit støff

  6. Carmen says:

    de lo mejor o si

  7. ahmed says:

    thank you

  8. NSENGIYUMVA Jean de Dieu says:

    is good for ME

  9. beta tester says:

    Will it work on win10, Threshold 2?

  10. nulled says:

    Legit a little bit tricky download but working fine after upgrade somehow i didn’t have an activated win 10 maybe because i installed them from flash but this tool did the trick. Thanks

  11. Nicko says:

    Das is good, working just fine activated w7 x64 but had to download new version of windows..

  12. hendry says:

    thank”s very much

  13. dguy says:


  14. Escobar says:

    Muito maneiro

  15. Darkened says:

    ok this activator working fine activated windows 10 but after some time decided to go back to windows 7 i’m not seeing big improvements in windows 10..

  16. machi says:

    very god

  17. chinna raj says:

    please tell how to activate windows 10 enterprices..with help of internet did not activate this os

  18. Nowice says:

    This is good

  19. hari says:

    I am running genuine window 7 with pirated microsoft office. I tried to upgrade to window 10 but my pirated microsoft office not longer can use. I wish to install back from my hardisk but showed this app is not compatible to window 10. What can I do? I should download and activate my microsoft office using KMS in window 7 first before I upgraded to window 10 or how?

  20. gunner says:


  21. songpon says:

    thank you

  22. dechen says:

    windows 10 is very complicated to activate.

  23. orre says:

    thank you very much for your help

  24. test says:

    Merci beaucoup

  25. Nismo says:

    just few minutes back upgraded to windows 10 and got some error maybe that i wrote it from flash.. But now with this activator everything is working fine! Thank you so much!

  26. odeya says:

    Good job…

  27. fvdvsfs says:

    it will work but you could also download windows 7 and upgrade to 10 using loader

  28. nasrinaini says:

    yes good actvator

  29. Boyd peters says:


  30. doctorock says:

    If I download a windows 10 copy from and I have no serial key…can I still activate it with KMS? When I install the fresh windows image i need some serial key?or i use the activate later box? thx in advance

  31. Epsik says:

    Works! many on interent, first one to work w/o problems

  32. Testando says:


  33. salman khan says:


  34. Straight Outta says:

    Damn man this loader worked! thanks brother i send you a peace smoke!

  35. sandy says:

    very good version of loader

  36. sandy says:

    its working 100%

  37. biggs says:

    this is great

  38. Mike says:

    thanks man !

  39. aziz says:

    very good.

  40. IKS says:

    thanks for upload 😉

  41. working good says:

    working good as of 2015 09 08

  42. Finnick says:

    I am running genuine window 7 with pirated microsoft office. I tried to upgrade to window 10 but my pirated microsoft office not longer can use. I wish to install back from my hardisk but showed this app is not compatible to window 10. What can I do? I should download and activate my microsoft office using KMS in window 7 first before I upgraded to window 10 or how?

  43. zakjjj says:

    thank u

  44. Ninja says:

    windows seems to be activated all working fine thanks!

  45. Sheila says:

    Yay! Thank You So Much 😉 Na activate ko din sya sa wakas :)

  46. Null Zebra says:

    no no no no weee

  47. Max says:

    ok funziona

  48. Raghav Sharma says:

    good nd thanx

  49. Nerimuka says:

    finally found a working version..instructional video is self explanatory and activator is working fine, thanks again kmspico

  50. fukushima says:

    ok guys you may have some problems downloading i downloaded from second time but after that i got this activator and everything worked just fine! thanks kms team

  51. Ben kofi says:

    love it so cool

  52. shiuvc kant pandey says:

    it works chutiya in windows 10 enterprise

  53. gabe says:

    can you give me , product key for windows 10 64 bit pro, please ?

  54. Hello says:

    Work good

  55. christian says:

    Works 😀

  56. ajubacom says:

    It’s very great to found your activator for won 10! thank’s a lot.

  57. mario says:

    does it work?

  58. No Way says:

    No way activation really works! thnx

  59. Zamri says:

    If I reformat my pc, is it possible for me to activate using this tools? Or I have to upgrade from win 7 activate by daz loader?

  60. Windows says:

    Does it work?

  61. MrRobot says:

    Dang my man! worked like a charm! i owe you one!

  62. asdasdasdas says:


  63. Anto says:

    Work 100% for win10 pro!


  64. emmanuel says:

    I have installed windows 10 enterprise evaluation 10240. but it is 90 days licensed. Can you help me licensed it permanently

  65. Tony says:

    hey! thanks for the help installing this activator now everything is working! greeting from sunny California!

  66. Emre says:

    Thank you guys

  67. amit kumar says:

    sir help me for window 10 activation

  68. Vadim says:

    zdariuka thanks for activator worked great with prof after usb installation

  69. Pat says:

    Hi! thanks so much for the activator offer was a little bit tricky but everything worked fine! win 10 x64 prof activated!!

  70. wsindows10 pro says:

    does it works at windows 10 pro?

  71. GTX says:

    Works for Windows 10 RTM 10240

  72. supergrover says:

    When I activated windows 10 with this activation tool, Is this a permanent activation or an 180 days?

    • windows10 says:

      permanent until next time you decide to rewrite windows also you can update from windows 7 loaded with daz loader and you have genuine activation too

  73. khaldoun says:

    Working, make sure you enter real data and everything will work, also email can be temporary , thanks again

  74. Pipol says:

    Hello! What if I have a Windows 7 SP1 but activated with another activator, not yours? Can I activate it with KMS and later update to Windows 10?

  75. Bbhd says:

    Is it working right?

    • windows10 says:

      for most users yes, some have issues but we are developing new version, also you can download our activator and use it on windows 8 and then get a free upgrade to windows 10

  76. naman sharma says:

    great …

    I am succsecfully activate windows 10.

  77. windows10 says:

    Hey guys! we received several complaints that in specific system this activator could hang etc..

    For now the solution is: that you install windows 8-8.1 and with this activator activate it and then you get free windows 10 upgrade. Clean installation and legit copy etc. Also this applies if you have windows 7 use loader and then you can apply for free upgrade!

  78. Akash says:

    Can this activator work on windows 10 rtm?

  79. MustafaJ says:

    Well I have Windows 7 installed with Windows 7 Loader. If I upgrade to Windows 10 using Media Creation Tool. What steps should I take to upgrade? Will it ask for a key and what to do if it asks for a key during installation or after installation?

    • windows10 says:

      if you have windows 7 with loader you can activate to windows 10 without problems and you will get legit copy of windows 10 for that pc

  80. WindowsDEV says:

    HO! Do you know that it works for Office 2013, Office 2010 As well??
    Yes it works. You can try it

  81. Theo says:

    Hello, does it work for the enterprise final version?

  82. Daniel says:

    Hi, i have a question. It works with the .iso version of this page?
    can i download Win10 Pro and its gonna works? Thanks a lot!

    • windows10 says:

      Hi yes it will work another option is to download windows 8 and use this activator with it and then you can get free upgrade to windows 10

  83. Piet Pineut says:

    Does it also work for the Windows 10 final version? And do i still recieve updates?

  84. pedrio navaja says:


  85. 3e334 says:

    thanks so much man

  86. Naruto says:

    already downloaded and waiting for full windows 10 release 😀

  87. SavageOwl says:

    Just gonna confirm that this does indeed work for removing the watermark off of windows 10 build 10240, Cheers.

  88. Muneeb u Rehman says:

    thats really great. thank in advance brother

  89. AntMan says:

    hi preview version activated waiting for full release of windows 10 and going to use your loader! thanks man again

  90. Omer says:

    Thanx men

  91. Steve Martin says:

    Good work – thanks

  92. Ramah says:

    I just want to thank you for windows 10 activator! worked great for test version

  93. worked says:

    i just want to say that it worked with preview version possible will be working on full release

  94. yousfi says:

    hola gracias por el programa de activadores

  95. mmm says:


  96. Tom Brown says:

    Hi loader worked great on preview version! :)

  97. Jimster19 says:

    amazing! so quick release, loaded windows 10 for a test and it’s working just great! 😀

  98. it’s really a very gud site…

  99. fish says:

    hello there! could you please help me with this kms activater installation? i have recentely downloaded your activater file(KMSPico 10.0.9.exe) to activate my win10, but its giving an error message saying- “Network error(-2146697211) encountered, install aborted.” what should i do? if you should know i didnt download the file on my laptop, i downloaded it on my cellphpne and copied to my computer. i look forward for your reply. thanks!

  100. windows10 says:

    look at the first page newest version is v10.1.7 Final

  101. fish says:

    is it only about the version? i will try it out but i dont think so. anyways thanks alot and i will let you know the result

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